Review of Apache Axis2 Web Services 2nd Edition by Deepal Jayasinghe & Afkham Azeez

I just recently had a chance to read Apache Axis2 Web Services 2nd Edition by Deepal Jayasinghe & Afkham Azeez.  I really didn’t know much about deployable java frameworks for web-service integration and this book quite effectively taught me a lot.  Axis2 seems to be a very strong robust framework for implementing web-service solutions, having learned a lot from its initial implementation Axis 1.  The book gives a great breakdown of the history of Apache SOAP, Axis 1 and Axis 2 including the motivations and reasons for each advancing technology.

The first few chapters do a great job of explaining how to install a distribution and give a look around its architecture including its XML and SOAP models.  It shows all the various ways to create and use AXIOM its Axis 2 XML model.  This is followed by chapters explaining the execution chain of the handlers and introducing the concept of a phase; which is a collection of handlers in a prescribed order.  The book continues to give a full understanding of the deployment model and all the various ways to deploy handlers showing both top down and bottom up approaches.  The Axis 2 information model is explained next as it is used in relation to service oriented architectures.

In the following chapters, a thorough explanation is given of how to implement Axis2 services and modules.  The remaining chapters focus on everything you might want to know about the client api, session management and clustering.

All in all Apache Axis2 Web Services 2nd Edition got me excited about setting up Axis2 on my own server (which I plan to do over the next couple of days) for integrating into my own custom geo-location and visualization applications.  I just recently became familiar with the books at Packt publishing – but they are quite rapidly becoming one of my preferred publishers and this book is another great addition to their offerings.